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September 17, 2012
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Mountain Shell by DzaDze Mountain Shell by DzaDze
Mountain Shell - Theme for Gnome-Shell

It is a simple, elegance, perfect Gnome-Shell theme,
which was designed to provide the maximum usability for everyday usage,
bringing the elegance and beautiful to the desktop at the same time.
Inspired (most of the elements) by the new Mountain Lion OSX,
as well as themes and other elements from the various artist on deviantART.
Mountain Shell brings the best features from every single one of them.

- Minimalistic, simple, beautiful, elegant look
- New pane
- New switch ON/OF buttons
- OS X Mountain Lion Overview/Workspaces look
- Simple, fast, responsive, beautiful menu selection
- New arrow workspace switch
- New calendar current day selection

& some more new good looking elements.

Extra: GTK Theme [link]
(Adwaita Cupertino L modified by Me... and thx to Delta909 for the traffic lights).

Extract the downloaded folder into /usr/share/themes/
... or into home/.themes/

If the workspace background does not fit your monitor,
i have included various background sizes.
They are in the theme folder (Mountain Shell/gnome-shell/Workspace Backgrounds/).
All you have to do is pick background that fits your monitor resolution
and replace the current one (Mountain Shell/gnome-shell/worspace-backround.png).

If you have any suggestion, please write them down... just to make the theme more beautiful.
And... sure favs are welcomed :D
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Where can I get the wallpaper? Thanks.
hey man can you help me out?
I download two of your themes, this and one more...

Actually I am new to linux I don't really know much, I managed to install gnome in ubuntu 13.10
I can change the upper bar by choosing theme but I can not change the overall texture and close, maximize buttons.

I downloaded the gtk theme mentioned and pasted the extracted folder it in the /usr/share/theme/ folder, tweaker app shows the name and when I choose it, it does not change the default look, ie not red, green, blue buttons for close, maximize and minimize.
and I did the same for the icons, extracted and pasted in the /usr/share/themes folder but both of these things are not working, please help :(
Amazing! This needs to be updated! because i only get the taskbar.. and the windows looks so bad ;(
artbhatta Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work...Which Gnome version does this work with 3.4 ? will it work with 3,8?
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THA1BET Aug 23, 2013  Student Interface Designer
update for 3.8
i cant see the text in the themem i think...
1) i dont see "Applications" in top right corner
2) dont see application names when i hover over them
3) dont see "windows" and "applications" text after i have hovered over the top right corner

instead i see blobs of background
how do i fix this..  im using debian 7.1 with GNOME Shell 3.4.2
update for 3.8 pliss?
Nice! Is there one for MATE or Cinnamon? Thanks
Can it work on Gnome Shell 3.8.
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